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GreyClock's New Cat

2013-08-15 23:41:37 by SgtSchultzClock

i just submitted my 2013 clock day flash animation cartoon. it is aboot greyclock's new cat. you should watch it.

GreyClock's New Cat

The Story of Canas

2011-08-26 23:18:53 by SgtSchultzClock

my latest flash reveals what really happenned to canas

The Story of Canas

watch my new cartoon everybody! it is my clockday cartoon. it is called BilliardBall10: Man Enuff

NEW FLASH! BB10: Man Enuff


2010-08-17 19:36:48 by SgtSchultzClock

i submitted a new flash. actually it's an old flash that has a bunch of pictures of carl from the simpsons added to it. that's right: i just improved my Clock Day flash! go watch 'Clock Crew Loves Carl".


2010-06-08 19:10:26 by SgtSchultzClock

i am campaigning for new members. we must refill outr stock. join us.

(omg, i cant believe that ispelled campaigning correctly.)

how many flash animation cartoons do i have? 17? not enough. i will have to fix that. i gotta make at least 50.

i like clock day

2009-08-15 16:43:47 by SgtSchultzClock

so many quality flash animation cartoons

i quickly maed a flash for this day and submitted it. i wish peco the nbest of luck with his career. he is a quality persoon.

my latest cartoon "SchultzClock's Inspection" is a good one for you to watch. will be submitting another flash in the near future.

go watch it and then click the button with the five on it