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i dont have enough cartoons on the newgrounds

2010-05-03 02:36:46 by SgtSchultzClock

how many flash animation cartoons do i have? 17? not enough. i will have to fix that. i gotta make at least 50.


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2010-05-03 05:12:57

it doesn't matter how many flash you have. 17 is too much,i can't produce that much. because I'm still weak. i just have 1 finished short film. that was too bad,so i have to produce more but i will be more careful this time.


2010-05-08 22:34:47

well, i wish you do 150. you great flash man!

u rock
-and not because im in yo movie-


2010-05-08 22:35:13

oh yeah!

do stuff er